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Federal Fair Lending Regulations and Statutes: Overview Finally, the FHAct requires lenders to make reasonable accommodations for a person with disabilities when such accommodations are neces sary to afford the person an equal opportunity to apply for credit. Types of Lending Discrimination

One should be aware of the types of discrimination that can occur so that fair lending risk can be accurately evaluated. While overt discrimination may appear to be obvious and quite blatant, lenders understand that it can happen inadvertently as well. Disparate treatment refers to a lender’s lending practices in which there are inconsistencies.

Home CFPB and DOJ settle fair lending claims involving allegations of redlining, discretionary underwriting and pricing, and overt discrimination CFPB and DOJ settle fair lending claims involving allegations of redlining, discretionary underwriting and pricing, and overt discrimination

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Question: We have been cited by our regulator for disparate treatment. The matter is with our attorneys. However, in our discussions with staff it seems that we do not know the difference between overt discrimination, disparate treatment, and disparate impact. From a regulatory perspective, what is.

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Our goal in this series is simply to draw from our experiences in our fair lending practice and provide information that will assist in reducing risk. When most people think of fair lending or discrimination, race and ethnicity typically are the first forms to come to mind followed by possibly gender.

Board Oversight: Fair Lending – aba.com – Define overt discrimination, disparate treatment, and disparate impact Explain the responsibilities assigned to the board of directors under fair lending laws Describe the consequences of not complying with fair lending laws. Discriminatory Effects of Credit Scoring on Communities of. – 2013] DISCRIMINATORY EFFECTS OF CREDIT SCORING 937 and.

The BancorpSouth case also suggested more overt discrimination by the. Fair Lending Risk – Overt Evidence of Disparate Treatment. – As we continue our discussion on conducting a fair lending risk assessment, we are today going to discuss the first of three types of discrimination recognized by the courts: overt evidence of disparate treatment..

Lessons Learned: Statistical Techniques and fair lending marsha courchane, David Nebhut, and David Nickerson* Abstract There remains strong concern that, even after several years of intense scrutiny, lending discrimination persists.The concerns encompass issues of lending denial disparities, use of predatory lending tactics,

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