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Skip to content. Menu. Home. Life Lock goes public. Scandalous. LifeLock launched its new persona as a publicly traded company on Wednesday – then watched as its initial stock price fell by several percent. Life Lock Scam’s. Latest News.

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Does title insurance cover you from house stealing and title fraud? is home title monitoring worthwhile?. "House Stealing, the Latest Scam on the Block," house stealing is a combination of two popular "rackets:" identity theft and mortgage fraud. The 2008 report described a couple of.

NOTICE: Mystery Shopper Scam As the holiday season approaches, the fraudsters always up their game, knowing many people might want a few extra dollars to spend. The Mystery Shopper scam is one of the scams being used again to trick people.

Title Lock fraud protection system, which is designed to timely alert homeowners of any documents recorded in the County in which the homeowners house is located of any fraudulent, mistaken or otherwise illegitimate filings or recordings that could adversely affect their home or their property ownership.

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One little known aspect of identity theft is deed fraud. Deed fraud occurs when someone steals your identity, forges your name on a deed, and takes title to your .

Recorder Yarbrough Warns Against Companies Using Name of Office to Sell Free Services (CHICAGO) Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough is officially asking a company operating under the name "Home Title Lock" to cease and desist from using the name of the Office of the Cook

The scammers might also claim the lock on your home or car is obsolete and needs to be replaced. They’ll charge hundreds of dollars to replace the lock with what they claim is a high-security lock. But in reality, it’s a cheap lock offering little protection, Vallelunga says.

Home Title Fraud: How It’s Done and How to Protect Yourself. Posted 11:44 AM, September 6, Man Killed While Rescuing Family From mobile home fire in Highland; 18 Suspects, Including 91-Year.

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